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April 8, 2012

First Presbyterian Church
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Summit Ablaze

County-Wide Year of Prayer

“Only by prayer…” In the Gospel of Mark an incident is described in which the disciples tried to accomplish some-thing miraculous and could not. When Jesus came along and succeeded, they asked him why they were unsuccessful. He said that this could happen “only by prayer.” Believing that prayer is essential for spiritual renewal and for the many needs in our area, Love Akron (director is Mark Ford) has organized a year of prayer for Summit County called Summit Ablaze. This name comes from the Book of Leviticus that describes the flame burning continuously on the altar. In Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Baal, “the sign of the true God would be the One who answered by fire that would consume the altar.” Each week a different church in the county will assume prayer responsibility and keep the flame of prayer “ablaze” in its own congregation. (We will actually receive a symbolic torch from the church preceding ours.)

You will have an opportunity after Easter to sign up for a specific hour during the first full week of May (beginning May 6). In addition there will be some specific times to pray together, such as the May congregational prayer gathering. To help you, an FPC Prayer Guide has been developed with details on things to pray for involving both our own church and also the entire area from government officials (you’ll be provided names) to the businesses you patronize. We hope also that each small group will spend some extra time in prayer that week and encourage its individual members to take responsibility for an hour that can be carried out at home or any place you happen to be.


How to Pray for a City

Prayer Guide

Praying For Leaders



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